Monday, August 13, 2012

Growler basics at City Swiggers

Buy a 32-oz. (2 pints) or a 64-oz. (4 pints) growler at City Swiggers and have it filled with one of our 14 beers on tap. As for the bottle itself, you buy it, you own it, you keep it clean: $3+tax for the 32-oz. bottle and $5+tax for the 64-oz. bottle. As for the beer, it will vary in price. Some beers can (though rarely) run you as much as $48 for a sixty-four ouncer (tax included). Whoa! But the majority of our tap beers clock in at $9 (32 oz.) and $17 (64 oz), tax included. The beer will stay fresh for a couple of days, a bit longer for high-alcohol beers or stouts and porters. Always keep your growler beer refrigerated. Once you open your growler, you should try to drink it up. As soon as your beer is exposed to oxygen it will rapidly begin to go flat. Click image for larger view. Find these growlers at City Swiggers, 320 East 86th Street, btwn. 1st & 2nd avenues. Note: If you already have a growler, you don't need to buy ours. We will gladly fill any growler!    


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